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PWAs vs Xamarin.Forms

It’s a fact that doesn’t change in technology, it keeps moving forward no matter what you do. PWAs were started by Google a number of years ago and they have progressively being getting better. They allow a website to run like a native app, and this allows quicker distribution, and easier maintenance. Instead of a […]

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Time zones in Xamarin.Forms

Time zones conversions are sometimes required in mobile apps from your local time zone to another, non-UTC time zone. Time zones can be tricky due to daylight savings, meaning an offset from UTC can change during the year for a particular location. Politics can even skew this further by making daylight savings changes, as to […]

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Xamarin.Forms Search Bar

In each platform, there is a specially designed Search Bar control. It is simply a glorified entry field, but can be useful to match native designs. The search bar does nothing other than trigger a command when you press search, as well as provide a few visual enhancements. Here is a quick look at the […]

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Clone Object in C#

A quick tip on how to clone any object in your app. Sometimes you need a copy of an object, but don’t want to affect the original. You can either copy across all values to a new object manually, or even use AutoMapper. However, here I have a quick easy way to clone an object, […]

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Creating Xamarin.Android Binding Library

To reference a Jar or Aar file in your Xamarin project, you can create a binding project to access the file. This is sometimes needed if you have code written in Java or an SDK that you need to access from Xamarin. I will be doing a sample of how to bind the Google Play […]

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Should I Use A Xamarin.Forms MVVM Framework?

Xamarin.Forms is designed with MVVM in mind, and you don’t need a framework to develop a Xamarin.Forms application, with the MVVM pattern. As your application becomes, MVVM Frameworks do contain a lot of things to help you, and are certainly worth a look. What Xamarin.Forms Includes In relation to MVVM, Xamarin.Forms includes the following two […]

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In-Memory Caching in Xamarin

Caching in mobile apps is sometimes necessary, to help speed up your app from continuous requests for the same resources, or help alleviate issues due to poor network speed. Caching is a little more complex than just providing a store for values. You want to remove items from your cache when they expire and even […]

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[POLL] What CustomRenderers Or Effects Do You Create In Xamarin.Forms?

I commonly have to write custom renderers or effects in Xamarin.Forms. Sometimes, for what seems should just be a default property or control. While they are easy enough to write, they distract from the actual task at hand, and instead of 10 seconds filling out a property, I spend 30-60 minutes creating the effect or […]

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Custom Fonts in Xamarin.Forms

Custom fonts, means using a 3rd party font file (*.ttf) in your mobile app, instead of using any of the system defaults. As designers continue to wield more influence over the design of apps, custom fonts are an increasing necessity, especially since they want the app to look similar on multiple platforms. Obtaining Fonts If […]

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